Pro-Bioscience Full Spectrum Capsule Variety Kit


This Capsule Variety Kit includes a 5 pack of each capsule mg available from Pro-Bioscience. If you prefer a long-lasting effect and the quick, easy routine of a capsule this variety kit could be for you. The mg variety allows you to see how each mg can treat different levels of issues to find your perfect result. Pack of 3 

Full Spectrum Capsules – 125mg (25mg capsules)
Full Spectrum Capsules – 250mg (50mg capsules)
Full Spectrum Capsules – 500mg (100mg capsules) 

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Full Spectrum – As many cannabinoids as possible packed into the product. This may also include small amounts of the THC cannabinoid. These THC levels are never above the federally legal level (3mg). Benefits include the entourage effect, which is the idea that multiple cannabinoids working together work more efficiently than they would if they were isolated on their own.


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