Pro-Bioscience Mid Dose – Go To Starter Kit


This Mid Dose Go To Starter Kit includes some of the most popular ways to use CBD. This kit is targeted towards mid dose issues. This may be the answer for someone who experiences pain frequently but not chronically. The capsule is 50mg which is usually high enough mg to target more persistent issues. The tincture is also a higher mg than the Low Dose Go To Starter Kit allowing you more customizable dosages. This allows you to figure out what your perfect mg dose is. As always, the Relief Balm can be used as needed for any localized pain. Choose between Unflavored or Peach Mango and Rosemary Lemon or Menthol Relief Balm. Pack of 3  

Full Spectrum Capsules – 250mg (50mg capsules) 5pk
Full Spectrum Tincture – 1000mg (46.5mg servings) Unflavored or Peach Mango
Full Spectrum Relief Balm – 90mg  Rosemary Lemon or Menthol 

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Full Spectrum – As many cannabinoids as possible packed into the product. This may also include small amounts of the THC cannabinoid. These THC levels are never above the federally legal level (3mg). Benefits include the entourage effect, which is the idea that multiple cannabinoids working together work more efficiently than they would if they were isolated on their own.


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