Pro-Bioscience Tincture Variety Kit


This Tincture Variety Kit includes one of each tincture mg and spectrum available from Pro-Bioscience. If you just love tincture or are looking to dial in your mg dosage, this product can be a great way to control your dosage and track what works for you. Choose between Unflavored or Peach Mango for your full spectrum options. Pack of 3 – .5 oz. 

Full Spectrum Tincture – 250mg (11.6mg servings)
    Choice of Flavor: Unflavored or Peach Mango
Full Spectrum Tincture – 1000mg (46.5mg servings)
    Choice of Flavor: Unflavored or Peach Mango
Isolate Tincture – 1000mg (46.5mg servings)  Peach Mango  

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Full Spectrum – As many cannabinoids as possible packed into the product. This may also include small amounts of the THC cannabinoid. These THC levels are never above the federally legal level (3mg). Benefits include the entourage effect, which is the idea that multiple cannabinoids working together work more efficiently than they would if they were isolated on their own.

Isolate – Isolate products contain only one cannabinoid, usually CBD but may sometimes be cannabinoids like CBG or CBN. This product is completely THC free. You lose some of the benefits of the other minor cannabinoids working together but instead you get the one cannabinoid you were specifically looking for.


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